Film Coating

A film coating is a thin polymer-based coat that is typically sprayed onto a solid pharmaceutical dosage form, such as a tablet,Film coating can impact both its appearance and its pharmacokinetics making it an essential process in making the final drug product.

The purpose of film coating includes aesthetic enhancement, increase of shelf life, taste-masking, moderating the release profile of the drug substance, etc. The thickness of the film is generally less than 100 microns.

Benefits of Film coating:

  1. Tablet coating masks the taste, odour, or colour of the drug. Tablet coating controls the release of the drug from the tablet Improvement of pharmaceutical elegance by the use of special colours and contrasting printing can also be obtained from tablet coating.
  2. It provides physical and chemical protection and protects the drug from the gastric environment of the stomach (acid-resistant enteric coating). Incorporate another drug or formula adjuvant in the coating to avoid chemical incompatibilities or to provide sequential drug release.

Services Provide by UNICOAT


Provide fully formulated powder


For pharmaceutical, nutritional and Ayurveda formulation


Full technical support from our highly qualified technical team


Less process time


Customized color development 


Ready-to-Use (just add the powder to water or the recommended solvent)


Reduced costs of coating by research products and reasonable price


Customised colour matching and product development are available

Technical Services

The coating process is the final step of the value creation chain in your production. Therefore, the entire product value is endangered by the coating process.

Small-scale coating trials

Coating tablets is a dynamic procedure with many parameters which are linked together. Achieving good results requires a process that neither promotes over-wetting nor sprays drying. Besides well-adjusted process parameters, a high-quality film coating system is required.

Assistance in the optimization of your Production coating process